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Christians are moving to the Nations

If you’re interested in exploring other countries to live, Panama is a great option.

Listed below is a series of webinars that have information on how to start the process in moving to Panama.

Bless you where ever the Most High may call you to go be salt and light.

Panama Webinar Part 1

Panama Webinar Part 2

Panama Webinar Part 3

Panama Webinar Part 4

Panama Webinar Part 5

Made it to the Mount of Olives!

I made it!  After traveling about 8000 miles I’ve arrived to the Jerusalem House of Prayer. People from around the globe are volunteering for this prayer gathering.  Immediately they took me in, fed me and showed me to my sleeping accommodations.

I’ve such a growing love and appreciation for the beauty of the Bride of Christ.  Total strangers embracing me and caring for me as family.  Wow.  Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

It’s a little aver 9pm and I’m going to go get some rest after what seems like a sleepless 24-36 hours or so.  I even got a chance to call my Mom and Dad with my WIFI phone service!  It sounded like I was talking with them as if they were right down the street. Another modern day miracle perhaps? 🙂

The only challenge at this point seems to be the fact that the power outlets are not compatible with our USA plugs.  So this could be my last update in some time if I don’t get access to electricity soon.  Pray that an adapter appears and I will be able to further communicate and share pictures, etc.

Israel is so similar to the southern California climate it’s amazing!  Hills, temperatures, colors, plant life etc.  It’s a nice reprieve from the Arizona 105-110 temperatures.

Time for sleep.  Blessings from Israel! 🙂