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Devon Franklin – It’s Over

It’s cool to see college class mates not only experiencing major career success, but more importantly experiencing tremendous success living whole hearted for God. Devon speaks with clarity and understanding to the realities of life in God.

Listen to this uplifting message on letting go of the past and running into the amazing destiny God has for each of us. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. Watch out for those texts from people who don’t belong in your future. Tell them how it is in love and make room for the new and improved for what God has for you. You have no idea how good it will be! God is faithful.

It’s over. Forget the former things. Time to move on! Gotta go, Jesus has too much in store for the future to be holding onto the past. Behold, God is doing a new thing.

Moving forward! Watch out world, Jesus is coming!

Lord, bless Devon Franklin. Let him continue to walk humbly before you, speaking with clarity and from Your Word. Expand the ground under his feet according to Your perfect timing. Open the doors You have for him and keep all the wrong doors shut. Increase his discernment, wisdom and understanding. Let Your light shine powerfully through him. In Jesus name. Thank You Lord! Amen.

Who do you know who needs to hear this message? Share it with them and help them get the victory too!

David Pawson on Marriage, Remarriage, Divorce, Covenant and more…

David Pawson, a man who has studied marriage for 40 years. Here’s a message on the subject that is quite thought provoking and brings forth a great understanding of the in-depth commitment of marriage.

In the previous message I mentioned David Pawson, speaking on marriage and so it seemed important to post his message.

“A Beauty to Rescue…”

Have you ever heard these ideas in the Christian community? “A beauty to rescue…” “Fight for the beauty!” “Rescue the girl!” If you’ve been around the evangelical circles over the last 15 years or so now, I’m sure you have.

John Eldridge one of my favorite authors regarding masculinity, femininity, marriage and identity in Christ has been prolific in his writings upon such ideas. I’m super grateful for him, his writings and presence in the body of Christ.

wild at heart

Wild at Heart
Sacred Romance
Waking the Dead
Fathered by God

Above is a short list of books he’s written. Wild at Heart is a personal favorite. Men, get this book and read it, great stuff!

I love the idea behind rescuing the beauty. I think it is right on and so needed, especially today. Men need to step up into their God given roles to lead and guide families. The biggest thing they can do to accomplish this end, starts with them on their knees. Prayer.

Men, we need to be praying for the women in our lives. We need to mature in the things of God and His Word. We need to be worshipers in Spirit and Truth. This is how we fight for their freedom, identity, family relationships, healing of the brokenness they’ve encountered growing up and all the other stuff. Loving the women in our lives as Christ would have us to is how we “fight for them.” The battle is constant. The enemy – Satan is continually looking for whom he shall steal from, kill and devour like a lion.

Whether the women in our lives know it or not, admit it or not, they need you. They need men of God contending for their hearts, minds, emotions, relationships, and for them to simply mature in their relationship to Jesus. Men, it’s time to create a refuge, a safe place for women to develop relationship – without alterior motives of what you can get from them. We need to look at women as sisters in the Lord, not as objects (as the world’s message way too often communicates.)

With that being said, ladies, what it means for a man to “fight for the damsel,” does not mean that he “rescues” her from her family and steals her away with him, leaving her with little or no connection to them. It does not mean that she starts a fight with someone to see if he will literally fight for her because she’s acting foolish (though he will probably still rescue her.) It does not mean that she manipulate the relationship, breaking up with him and seeing if he starts buying flowers, chocolates and begs her to take him back – thus “fighting for her and proving his love.” It does not mean if she likes him and wants to be in a relationship with him that she either treat him really really nicely (beyond normalcy for a short period of time) or if she doesn’t get what she wants that she stops being nice to him, being his friend, etc. Just because she may desire relationship with him (or not) please do not treat him more or less than anything but as a brother in Christ. If she isn’t getting what she wants out of the relationship, communicate it, rather than stop being his friend leaving him clueless.

Too often I see or hear about these kind of behaviors or attitudes, it’s unfortunate. Such behavior is simply immature, manipulative and completely unnecessary. If a woman is behaving this way towards a mature man who knows the Lord, he will see through this fairly easily. His response will be to pray for her. He will pray that she matures. He will pray that she sees the deception behind manipulative, controlling behavior patterns and will not bow to such attitudes. He will continue to love her, let her make choices for herself and maintain healthy boundaries in the relationship that are proper, good and fitting for her and him.

Please don’t mistake his response or what some may perceive as a lack of response as though he’s “not fighting for her, doesn’t really love her, or isn’t truly committed.” He may be waiting for his prayers to be answered. He may simply be waiting for her to mature and grow up a little, while demonstrating love as well as he can with where they both are at currently in this thing called life.

There are two sides to every relationship. Chances are there’s issues coming from both parties in any given story. In the realm of relationships guys have much to grow in and improve upon. Ladies, pray for men. Men need you and your prayers, even though sometimes they don’t admit it. Men may not want to be rescued, but they do need your prayers.

The truth is men and women are on the same team. We are not each other’s enemy. Satan is the enemy and we need to work together – united through the Holy Spirit. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for praying for and forgiving each other with your whole heart. What the world needs now is real love expressing itself through the body of Christ (the Church). They will know us by our agape love…

Father in heaven, help your children understand their roles. Let women be celebrated for their unique qualities. Let men be celebrated for their unique qualities. Let there be peace between the genders. Let Your desire for male and female relationships come forth in the earth. Bring healing to men and women in the body of Christ. Bring an increase of maturity in Christ for both men and women right now. Lord there’s such an attack on relationship, marriage, and family in this hour. I ask that you bring restoration, reconciliation and healing to male, female relationships everywhere. Let men rise up spiritually to rightly follow you Jesus and lead the family well. We need your help Holy Spirit. Father, let women be cared for, protected, healed, and grow in maturity of your Word, character and deed. Let there be light in this arena and expose all darkness. Let Your glory cover the earth. In Y’shua’s name. Thank You. Amen.

Men fight for, rescue and lead the beauty, as Jesus would!

A Sober Conversation on Protecting Marriage

What does it look like to speak truth from a heart of love?

This panel discussion helps develop a deeper line of thinking regarding the conversation of marriage in the United States of America.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Marriage through out all of human history across all cultures and societies was fundamentally understood – it’s between one man and one woman.

This panel discussion speaks to the direction this nation will go from this point moving forward.

Song of Solomon Teaching

Check out this teaching on the book of Song of Solomon.

This book gives a glimpse of God’s reckless love for His people.



As you’ll hear, Mike Bickle has done lots and lots and lots of research on this book. May the King of Glory bless you and your walk as you take time to meditate on this Song of Love.

Be blessed in the Spirit of the Living God.

Christ Centered Relationship

You’ve got to listen to these messages. Beautifully rooted in the Word of God, thus the best marriage relationship can blossom from the water of the Word. Powerful and Encouraging for married’s and non married’s alike.

Learning all kinds of nuggets about what marriage really means. What marriage really demands and calls for; it’s an invitation to completely die to selfishness. It’s an invitation for male and female to become 1 flesh. An invitation to become a 4 legged, 4 armed, 2 headed creature. Heaven is filled with all kinds of interesting creatures and well, so is earth. I never thought about it this way until recently, but this is a physical reality of what you become and how much more in the spirit realm.

The Bible instructs men to take care of the woman as his own body, to be Jesus to your wife, no small challenge. Yet a worthy cause and effort to become like Him.

Jesus is Lord. May He be Lord of all our lives, relationships and beyond.

The Glory of Marriage…


I’m going to begin posting useful links, information, etc. on the blog that I believe will be helpful to others.

Here is an email I sent to several friends and family members recently. Being that the information was so well received I’m going to post it here for any passer by. I hope this blesses you.

Here’s the email:


I’ve been on quite a journey over the last few years seeking God as to what “marriage” is all about. Recently, I was given the opportunity and privilege to perform a marriage ceremony. In my praying, studying and preparing for the message I came across these 3 messages/ministries on the topic of marriage. I’ve definitely been affected and grown quite a bit in my understanding as to what marriage is and what marriage isn’t.

Marriage seems to me as God’s most intimate way for humanity to experience, walk in and demonstrate LOVE. LOVE is the ULTIMATE challenge, not for the faint of heart and marriage is the most intense way that LOVE is refined in such a relentless ongoing way, moment to moment day to day. I’ve much respect for those you who have ventured down this radical road and journey of marriage. I cheer you on! Glory!

I felt compelled to share these messages, you may or may not be married or have interest. Perhaps one day these will be something of interest or maybe you know someone that would benefit from such messages you could forward this on to?

See Below:

The Glory of Marriage 8 part series:
Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Part 6.

Part 7.

Part 8.

Divorce and Remarriage – Sober Eye Opening Talk:

Marriage Immersion – Marriage Retreat with AMAZING Results (see the short video):
I’m not married of course but I have had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall for a “marriage immersion” and I’ve been to the individual “freedom immersion”powerful results!!!!! Radical Transformation!!!!

Being Wise and Great In God’s Eyes:
This has nothing to do with “marriage” but is a powerful message from Mike Bickle on being Wise and Great in God’s eyes, I encourage you to watch it to the end should you be led to do so.

Visit this link :

1) Scroll Down until you see the December 31, 2012 messages (make sure you are viewing “teachings” and not “worship”).

2) SELECT the message from Mike Bickle entitled, “Being Wise and Great in God’s Eyes”.

If you have any trouble finding it, let me know. For those of you who earnestly want to listen/view it, its run time is 56 minutes. If you set your heart to watch it, please commit to hearing the entire message.


I hope you’re blessed by this email. Please let me know of any thoughts, comments, insights, etc. you might have or care to share.

Blessings and Shalom,