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Devon Franklin – Work Your Wait & Weight, For the Dream

Devon Franklin speaks about life in the midst of waiting for the dream to manifest. I appreciate his bold faith to believe God for the impossible. He’s a great speaker that will inspire, encourage and challenge you to go after that’s available in God.

If you feel like you’ve been waiting a long time for your dream to manifest, check out this message by Devon. He’s got quite a testimony and now God is releasing him all over media to bring influence to the Church and the secular. He’s an example of what Lance Wallnau would identify as a 7 mountain conqueror. He’s expanding and taking ground for the Kingdom of God and dancing on that which is not of God. Would love to hear any comments on how this message inspired and impacted you.

What was your number 1 take away?

What have you been waiting for to see happen in your life?

How is God speaking to you in the journey?

Devon Franklin – It’s Over

It’s cool to see college class mates not only experiencing major career success, but more importantly experiencing tremendous success living whole hearted for God. Devon speaks with clarity and understanding to the realities of life in God.

Listen to this uplifting message on letting go of the past and running into the amazing destiny God has for each of us. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. Watch out for those texts from people who don’t belong in your future. Tell them how it is in love and make room for the new and improved for what God has for you. You have no idea how good it will be! God is faithful.

It’s over. Forget the former things. Time to move on! Gotta go, Jesus has too much in store for the future to be holding onto the past. Behold, God is doing a new thing.

Moving forward! Watch out world, Jesus is coming!

Lord, bless Devon Franklin. Let him continue to walk humbly before you, speaking with clarity and from Your Word. Expand the ground under his feet according to Your perfect timing. Open the doors You have for him and keep all the wrong doors shut. Increase his discernment, wisdom and understanding. Let Your light shine powerfully through him. In Jesus name. Thank You Lord! Amen.

Who do you know who needs to hear this message? Share it with them and help them get the victory too!

Maturing the Bride of Christ by Francis Chan

Francis Chan is such a breath of fresh air for the body of Christ. I love this conversation on the picture of maturity. I am filled with anticipation for the Bride of Christ to move beyond the current plateau. It’s time to put the milk away.

Hey, we’re all guilty of falling short, and some of the antics Christians pull are down right silly. I’m guilty, and you’re guilty, so what do we do with it? Forgive. Forgiveness is this absent unspoken thing within the Church. People generally don’t do Matthew 18. People generally don’t go to their brother before leaving the gift at the altar to reconcile differences. Unforgiveness reigns in the heart of man, and yet the claimer of Christ still thinks they’re okay. “I’m okay.” Imagine how much different society would become or marriages for that matter with intentional forgiveness face-to-face. Credible. They’d be totally credible.

Is it just me or does the Church at times seem to be filled with false pretense and people attempting to play nice. Imagine for a second if the Church could get rid of being nice and start getting real? True love would begin to flow. Hearts could sit in an atmosphere where they might warm towards one another. Sure it might be challenging, awkward and on the other side of awkward, healing and love could spring forth. Real unity and fellowship of the brethren. Real honor will manifest.

Devoted. There’s a scary word for the Church. What a picture that word paints. Devotion for and to one another. Wow. Dedicated people drawn together in His love. Powerful.

Francis Chan is always concise, compassionate and to the point. Way to address the elephants in the room.

Lord, release. Release it and let the Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Mature us and make us Biblical. I forgive everyone, for everything, with my whole heart, my whole heart and I bless all those who have caused me harm intentionally or unintentionally. In Y’shua’s name. Thank You. Amen.

Trump – God’s Choice? April 2011 Prophecy…

What do you think? Is this of God?

Against all odds, Donald Trump is the 2016 President-Elect.

Having to overcome:

– Foreign Multi-Nationals, George Soros – Billion Dollar Clinton Cash Slush Fund
– The bought and paid for mainstream media
– His own comments
– The Pope
– Countless accusations from people in his past
– The Republican Party turning their backs on him
– The Democratic Party out to bring him down at all costs
– Voter fraud

The list goes on. My thoughts, the only way he’s in the position he is, is due to the fact God has responded to the prayers of the saints and granted mercy on the USA. Pure and simple.

Now the task is to double up on prayer from now until the January 20th Inauguration.

Pray for this man’s life and that the wisdom of God be upon. In Y’shua’s name.

Dr. Lance Wallnau and Dr. Michael Brown on Donald, Hillary & the election

God’s Chaos Candidate: Found on Amazon Click here to check it out.

Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Lance Wallnau discuss the future of the nation with the impending election coming forth.

Do you agree with Lance or not?  Why?

The interview gets better and better towards the end…

Another interview with Lance.
God’s Chaos Candidate: Found on Amazon, click here to check it out.

The Great and Terrible

“The great and terrible/dreadful day of the Lord.”

I find it fascinating how the body of Christ is so diverse in thought and perspective. Some groups, “streams” like to focus on “the great” – the prosperity, the blessing, the good. There are other “streams” that focus on what is terrible, wrong and unrighteous. This perspective can be about how one lives their life, does Church or perceives the last days.

Perspectives tend to be so one sided the other view is neglected. Balance. Where’s the balance? Is it okay to talk about the positive and the negative? Is it okay to talk about the negative and the positive? I find it fascinating how some camps identify simple truth as “being negative” when in actuality it’s simply what’s evident. On the other hand, there are those who can’t find encouragement, thankfulness in an ounce of pure 24 karat gold. It’s quite remarkable on both counts.

Let’s talk and discuss the great and the terrible with no loss one way or the other. Let’s talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. There’s so much to learn. There’s so much the LORD is doing in the midst of the great and terrible. What can be done to bring light? What can be done to move into holiness and righteousness as the LORD calls us to? Can we come together in the immaturity of the current walk, cry together and celebrate together?

Because the fact remains… truth is truth. It’s sharper than a two edged sword dividing bone from marrow. The entire Bible is still relevant today. The entire Bible speaks today. There’s good, bad and ugly in this book. Although, the book is the best love story ever told and the most powerful on the planet, there is glory and tragedy through-out.

Can we look at this book? Can we appreciate both sides of the story? Can we focus on the good while not being deceived by the tricks of the evil one or deny certain evil and wicked things will/must take place?

It’s no wonder Paul, after listing out his resume in Corinthians, at the end of all the tragic-glorious-suffering, he explains his biggest burden of it all was to simply pray for the Church.

The time is now more than ever to pray for the Church of Yeshua, the Messiah. Father, thank You for purifying and raising up Your Bride in the earth. Help the remnant in the USA to remain faithful and true. Let us not be deceived. In Yeshua’s mighty name. We love You. Amen.

The Cost of Anointing by David Wilkerson