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Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement – Amanda Cook

Mercy triumphs over judgement.

Praise The Most High.

Love to give mercy.
Do justly.
Walk humbly moment to moment.

FREEDOM is NOW! He died on the cross and rose again for all of us to know LOVE now. Know Him now! wow.

Holy Spirit invade the earth as the waters cover the sea. By Your Spirit Y’shua overtake the inhabitants of the earth. Come Holy Spirit, come. Come LORD Y’shua… come! Touch the one reading this right now. Touch the one listening to this right now. Pour out Your Spirit YHWH. Thank You. Amen.

You Don’t Give Your Heart in Pieces

How often do we give our hearts to the Creator or others, in pieces? Holding back? Fearful? Disconnected?

What if we could trust His everlasting love? What if we could believe Him for longer than that distraction of wind and waves?

What would it look like to fully believe in His unfailing love for us to then translate to others?


Conceivable. Believable… UNconditional love.



Let your soul be stirred to life in listening to this song …

Come out of the comfort, immorality, apathy and weak character. Let strength, courage and honor arise in the hearts of man.


The day Jesus will judge humanity is coming quickly! With fire in His eyes He’s coming for His spotless Bride!!

The Love of Jesus is “Relentless”

Let your love be a relentless fire.  Be watchful that it never grows cold.  Jesus is an all consuming fire wanting to capture your affections with eye’s of fire love.  He’s so captivating, everything else melts away with one glance.  One glance, everything else becomes boring, inconsequential and unimportant. Let Him captivate your heart today with His majesty, glory and resurrection life.  Dry bones, arise! Release! Release the Living Water in the name of King Jesus!