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Debunking Donald Trump’s so called “Media Scandals”

It’s worth watching this video to learn what Trump actually stated, rather than what has been gossiped or slandered about him.  Please think for yourself, look into what was actually stated, instead of what someone else said he said.  In this day and age gossip and slander spread far and wide through media in all forms.  We the people need to be able to clearly, logically think for ourselves, ask questions and get the truth of the matter.  The video put together here goes through all the major accusations against Donald Trump and lays out very plainly what’s been said by him, mainstream media and the difference there in.

It’s amazing how the telephone game gets played in our mainstream media – the he said, she said game. Rumors and slander stem from such miscommunication points.

In watching this video, I wanted to check the source of what the reporter is communicating. He touched on Trump’s comments regarding “illegal immigrants” coming across the boarder (some of them being criminals and rapists). Trump was pointing out a problem based on his conversations with border patrol and referencing an article by Fusion. An article by Fusion communicates, “80% of central american women crossing Mexico to the United States are sexually assaulted/raped. (but the actual numbers are impossible to know.)” These numbers are up about 20% from Amnesty International’s 2010 stats.

Trump was merely bringing this major problem to light, not making a racist remark. Personally, I had no idea 80% of women attempting to come to the USA were being raped, until Trump brought the problem up.

Something needs to be done about such abuses. May the Lord bring justice and turn the hearts of the people doing such things towards Him in repentance. Come Lord Jesus, come.

There’s a lot of content with actual verifiable facts, addressing the major arguments against Trump. I’ll post in the comments, the article referencing the rape statistics taking place towards women trying to come to the United States. Sobering. What are your thoughts?

Debunking the so called “Scandals” of Donald Trump:

  • Donald Trump running for President
  • Donald Trump on Illegal Immigration
  • Donald Trump and 4 Bankruptcies
  • Donald Trump’s favorite Bible Verse
  • Donald Trump suggesting journalists are bleeding
  • Donald Trump on Muslims
  • Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
  • Donald Trump accused of raping his ex-wife
  • Donald Trump’s comment about dating his daughter Ivanka Trump
  • Donald Trump having Oprah as his VP
  • Donald Trump’s comments on Rosie Odonnel
  • and more..

May this nation back to Jesus Christ and righteousness.  Father in Heaven, we need Your help.  Please have Your way in our lives, let Your Word be proclaimed in spirit and truth. In Jesus name. Amen.

Donald Trump, Cyrus Anointing & America’s Vote


World For Jesus Ministries, Nita Johnson shares what she believes the LORD is saying about Donald J. Trump and his run at the Presidency.  Lance Wallnau is also communicating similar ideas regarding Donald Trump being a Cyrus.

Listen to what Nita Johnson believes about Donald Trump and the future of this nation.

In this 20 minute talk she shares why Donald J. Trump is God’s answer to prayer regarding turning this nation around.  She mentions Donald Trump’s Enemies – The Pope, other countries, the media, the New World Order, and so on. She also says that all the other candidates will go along with the New World Order’s plans. Donald Trump is the only candidate anointed to turn the ship around. The New World Order believes that Hillary is going to slide into home plate easily…. unless we pray. Unless we pray everyday for the LORD’s choice to be elected.

She likens Donald Trump to King Cyrus in the Old Testament.  She also talks about his salvation and relationship to Christ as it currently stands (you’ll have to listen to find out what she thinks).  Nita encourages the people to focus on what he has done and how God has anointed  Donald Trump.  He has the skills and talent to turn this nation around.  She also encourages believers to pray for protection over Donald Trump’s life.  Nita says, the elite will not hesitate to take his life.  Donald Trump needs prayer.  He needs prayer now. Even if you don’t agree with who he is or what he represents, you can pray for protection over his life.

I’d love to hear your comments on this 20 minute talk as you care to share.

God bless you and God bless this nation.

YHWH please let Your choice be elected in the White House this coming election.  I ask for protection over all the lives in this campaign and race.  Let all darkness in this Presidential race be exposed.  Let there be no darkness in this land. Let there be light in all things.  Help this nation turn to You Father in Heaven.  Let this nation stop its fornication, adultery, sexual perversion, addictions, and wicked ways.  Let the people desire purity, holiness and righteousness. Let people of character and substance arise in the earth and this nation of the United States of America.  We NEED YOU LORD!!!  Break in and visit Your people and this Nation, I ask in Jesus name. Thank You!  Amen.

Here’s an interesting video I came across recently.

Digging for Revival in America

Radars of the Lost Ark of Revival


God’s people are crying out and desire REVIVAL.

I see a vision of “The Radars of the Lost Ark” digging in the desert. The digging scene in the dry, hot, sandy wilderness of nothingness.  A great multitude of people are digging diligently, well organized, unified even.  The problem is the efforts are almost in vain.  The outcome is not in vain and the desired outcome is good, but their efforts are completely miss guided.  They’ll be digging forever because the target -> map -> coordinates are off.  God’s people need the right coordinates.  Indiana Jones was able to get the right tools to actually locate the Ark.  He needed the right staff/stick, with the right medallion, at the right time of day, with the right model of the ancient city to locate the all elusive Ark of the Covenant.  Only when he had each of these elements in place at the right time did he discover the CORRECT location to dig and locate the Ark.

The funny thing is with the right coordinates and location of the dig point, only a few people were needed to uncover the Ark.  Maybe 10 people helped dig up the Ark, where the other guys who were digging had 100’s, if not 1,000’s working rigorously to dig and dig and dig and dig.

The people will benefit when the Ark of the Covenant is uncovered -> when revival is found.

So what are the tools to accurately locate and dig up the “Ark of Revival”?  Many books have been written in the past on how to “spark revival!”

Who was Jesus most upset at in His day and age?  The Pharisess (lawyers) and the bankers (money-changers).

The same individuals are binding the people today and keeping them out of the Kingdom of Heaven.  In China the Church is willing to lay down it’s life for the Gospel.  In Africa the Church is seeing unprecedented signs and wonders. What’s the difference?  Much of the gospel is spreading through the rural  areas where life is simple and farming is the way of life.  Simply looking to meet daily needs and live for Jesus to those who have made him Lord.

Here in the modern world there are all kinds of contracts and covenants with unholy, ungodly world systems.  The book of Revelation pleads God’s people to come out of the whore of Babylon.  We are a generation of slaves, that’s right – slaves.  Our parents have sold us into slavery and this generation is selling their children into slavery through the birth certificate and marriage licenses they sign.  The social security is a system of dependency and is a method of enslavement.  Dependency on the government, rather than God is a snare.  Principalities and Powers of the Air manipulate people using the lawyers in government creating so much legislation ensnaring and enslaving an entire generation, it is quite remarkable.  Check out Nehemiah chapter 5, if you don’t agree.  The same thing has been going on for the last 100 years now.  When the federal reserve came into being, the IRS popped up, social security popped up, mortgages popped up, student loans popped up, credit card debt popped up, marriage licenses popped up in a more intentional way and birth certificates.  Our souls are being purchased and sold with these covenant agreements, knowingly or unknowingly to the people of the United States of America.

This country needs a people unbound of theses voluntary agreements. The agreements and applications…. The legal reality of this nation needs to fall ->needs to be undone.  The people have signed into too many covenants, oaths and agreements, that are of the evil one.  Let your yes be yes. Let your no be no. ANYTHING beyond this is from the evil one.

The people are sincerely digging in the wrong location.

Pastors across the country are sincerely deceived about the contractual realities hanging over the people of this nation.  The people must lay down these agreements.  It’s time to lose our lives for the sake of the Gospel.  It’s time to stop pretending we are following the Words of Jesus as though we think we’ve really given over completely.

Like in the Radars of the Lost Ark, it took several things to come together at once for the location of the Ark to be discovered.  There are pieces the body of Christ needs to come together to locate and dig up REVIVAL.

THE CALL AZUSA, the 110th year anniversary is taking place in about 2 weeks – April 9th 2016.  It is my opinion, based on what I read Jesus saying, the contracts and covenants in today’s world didn’t exist 110 years ago. Additionally, the government was not attempting to take the place of God in the people’s lives.

In order for that to happen, the people need to pray into specific strong holds hanging over this nation:

  • Wallstreet, The Federal Reserve & World Bank is probably the single largest stronghold.
  • Killing Babies in the womb is another stronghold.
  • Fornication, Adultery, Homosexuality, Pornography, Prostitution and other sexual perversion are strongholds.
  • Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses, Social InSecurity Numbers, 501c3 “churches,” Mortgage loans, Student loans, Credit Cards are strongholds.
  • The food supply chain, FDA and Monsanto are strongholds.
  • Medical Industry and Pharmaceuticals are strongholds.

The fact is the Bible instructs followers of Jesus to come out from the world system because we are citizens of Heaven.  Followers of Jesus are to be strangers passing through this world.  This is not our home, so why have we made ourselves at home in this world system and gotten so comfortable?  We aren’t staying here, in the current realities we see today.

On top of that, at some point true believers will be forced to decide this world or heaven?  The ultimate test will be when, “The Mark of The Beast” is fully present.

Here’s a practical exercise.  If followers of Jesus know that one day the ability to buy and sell will not be an option without the Mark of the Beast, what is being done now to get your life into a place where existence won’t be threatened and can continue forward if buying food at WholeFoods is no longer an option?  Start working backwards from that Biblical reality.

The time is now to make steps out of the world system.  What are church leaders doing to meet the coming food shortages and consumption needs of their flock, much less their own families?  Again, people need to consider how they are going to eat when Trader Joes and Costco are no longer an option.  There will be the few virgins who understood the times and had extra oil and there will be those who didn’t understand the times or the Bible’s fundamental message about the garden and will be left out in the cold… literally physically and spiritually.  The truth is YHWH is holistic.  Current Church paradigms are at best 1 dimensional.  The Church needs to activate and move in agreement with the way Revelation lays a road map for the future way of life for followers of Jesus Christ.  This message is not popular today, but it will be in the coming days, weeks and years. It’s coming faster than we realize.  What are you going to start doing today?

Lastly it needs to be pointed out, that if someone didn’t get people motivated and focused on a vision, the “Indiana Jones” character never would have looked for and found the Ark to begin with.  Somebody or somebodies were used by God to put forth a vision of Revival and motivated people to begin the search.  So even though the people might be digging diligently in the wrong location, there’s vision for the right people to come along and uncover the REVIVAL they are seeking in God.  It might just turn out to be different than what they originally thought the work of their prayers, praise and worship would result in or look like in reality.  Praise the Lord for those who have caught the vision and have begun to work!  Now let’s begin to work smart and hard.  Then the vision and destiny of the LORD will unfold more laser like through out the world! Come LORD Jesus, come!

Man does not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.  If a man won’t work he won’t eat. Why is that?  Because he didn’t plant the seeds.  He didn’t raise the chickens.  Food and water are mankind’s most valuable physical investment.

YHWH, Your people need an awakening, then an activation and then prioritizing according the message of Revelation. Help please. In Y’shua’s name.

UPDATE 3.14.16 – This message was sent to me where Robert Henderson talks about God as Judge. Satan works against us through our agreements. We go to the Judge asking for justice from the Devil.