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225 Habits of the Rich – The Daily Success Habits of the Wealthy

Check out an interview of a man who wrote a book on “the habits of the rich.” The interview is insightful and revealing.

Asking the question, “Why are some people rich and others not?” It is quite complex because of the factors that go into people’s individual situations. This author truly seems to have done his homework. He researched thoroughly the topic of wealth. Tom Corley, investigated both poor and rich alike. He discovered opposing habits communicated in this conversation.

I share this because it is my hope you will prosper just as your soul prospers in Christ Jesus.

Some notes from the conversation:

Dream-> set goals -> create habits

Wealthy people are healthy people
Wealthy people read and exercise daily
Wealthy people create multiple streams of income

Wealthy people are persistent and have a never quit attitude
62% of wealthy people focus on their goals every day

Call people on their birthday’s, life event days and just to say hello.