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Parasite Zapper

I started using this device about 5 weeks ago.  Having traveled throughout the world, eating different types of food and particularly sushi, I’ve been on the “war path” to cleanse my body from any and all parasites, worms or simply funky stuff that doesn’t belong in me.

Personally, I’m experiencing greater levels of energy, clarity of thought, and overall better emotional well being. Initially where ever I put the contact points an itchy rash developed. The rash wasn’t over bearing or completely annoying, just an affect that occurred the first 3 weeks. As I understand, those are the parasites leaving my body. Drink lots of water so the parasites leave through your sweat and urine, not surface on your skin.

I posted some other information I found online regarding other people’s testimonies. If you experience any of this, you may want to get this for yourself, friends or family members experiencing such ailments.

UPDATE 6.25.15

I’ve been wearing this basic zapper now off and on for about 3 months. I’ve had 3 “korns” or “warts” on the bottom of my left foot for years.  I think they came from showering in public showers bare foot.  Yesterday I checked my foot. I was shocked to discover 2 of the 3 warts are gone!  The skin has turned soft again.  The one main wart is smaller.  I fully expect with continue usage of the zapper that the wart will be completely gone in the weeks, months ahead.

I communicated with the supplier this testimony.  I was informed that warts are a form of virus.  Case in point, viruses are dieing.  I wonder how much other stuff has been affecting me adversely and is now dead?  For the longest time I wondered if this basic zapper was gimmick or if it actually did something?  This wart is tangible evidence that stuff is happening for the good of my health.  This week I’ve exercised every day for 30 minutes or more running 2-5 miles a day, with some biking mixed in.

Apparently this is selling on Amazon for over $40. I wanted to give a special price to those who visit this site and would want to use this product. Please let me know if you notice any health improvements. Thanks!

Results from others who have used the Basic Zapper:

  • Rid your body of amoebas, bacteria, fungi, worms, viruses, & so on.  They also stop the bad aspects of bee, hornet, spider, & wasp venom, too.
  • We took scores of identical ones to tropical and subtropical Africa during several visits in order to see the effects, first hand, of basic zappers on deadly African sicknesses, including malaria,  amoebic dysentery, fevers and the virulent African version of AIDS.  The trips were very productive and heartening on all accounts and we were able to save a lot of lives and to dramatically improve the lives of many more with those devices.  We lately learned that our African associates are even routinely curing elephantiasis and deadly snakebites with these simple little zappers.
  • Problems with allergies, TMJ, & other itchy or painful conditions are not necessarily related to parasites, there are many reports from happy users of their successful use on such conditions.
  • Humans can wear the zapper around the clock. It needs to be communicated that you probably want to take it off while running, exercising, and not to be used in the shower, bath, swimming pool, etc. You will break your zapper if you should decide to do such a thing.

Information about Basic Zapper

  • Developed by Don Croft – health improvement electronic technology.
  • Electricity travels only on the outside of a conductor, zappers put out about 1/500,000 the amount of power needed to migrate through the skin’s barrier, the body material of a terminal does not matter, nor does that of the skin/outer surface of the terminals. What matters is the square wave and the frequency of the output signal.
  • Zappers are very small, measuring only 2.25″ X 1.75″ X 3/4″, so they fit almost anywhere.

Pets and Farm animals reportedly have benefited from the Zapper as well.

    Zappers work fine through hair and fur because they act like an antennae, so when used on pets, you don’t need to shave an area for it to work. In fact, the zappers work better on pets because of the hair. Use on your pets for 1 hour per week, more is fine, but this amount of time gets the job done.
  • The zapper works well on both humans and pets.

The day will come when everyone on the planet will have easy access to at least a Basic Zapper and then there will be far fewer infectious diseases to contend with. ~Don Croft

Please NOTE that the cases for these Basic Zappers are of soft recycled plastic, so are easily scuffed scratched. If yours has a somewhat scuffed appearance, it in no way affects the quality of the item or its ability to do its job properly. We buff them, but there is no way to harden the cases or make them scuff-proof, or even particularly scuff-resistant. Thank you for your understanding of recycled plastics.

Zapper Testimonials:

AIDS – Uganda has a population of about 30 million people and 20% are now living with HIV/AIDS and need this treatment. In just six months of using the Zapper my viral load fell from millions per sample to an undetectable level.  This is bad news for the drug cartel and good news for millions living with HIV/AIDS, worldwide.

MS – I work with MS patients as a hands-on caregiver. I have seen it put MS into remission on two patients.

Fibromyalgia – She’s been a Fibromyalgia sufferer for more than a decade, and over the last three months she’s had this extremely painful place on her arm (the doctors told her it was “tennis elbow”) that has not responded to anything, not even morphine. I heard from her this morning and she said, after 24 hours, the pain had diminished 80%!

More Energy – I have wanted to leave my body for a long time, because it has not been a pleasant place to be. But I find myself now sitting in it, thinking, “It feels great to have a body to be in.”

More Energy 2 – I have had newfound energy, I awake easily in the am or anytime I need to without being groggy, and am in a good mood. I fall asleep easily. I think I’m so energetic how am I going to sleep?? When my head hits the pillow, reading for a moment, I’m asleep!! No more counting sheep!! and especially I do not have mood swings or out of nowhere headaches anymore, my eyes and skin have cleared up, My intuition is stronger, I have better focus.

Lyme Disease – I have been very sickly all my short life, I’m only 26 right now and just a few short years ago I was very near the end of my days suffering with Lyme Disease. I was completely bed ridden, lost my job, and in tremendous pain. Slowly, after a couple of months of constant use I started to feel better!

Improved Vision – A little history first, when I was in utero, the nerves behind my eyes did not develop and attach to the back of my eyes so I was born blind in left eye, no straight ahead vision with peripheral intact, and the right eye only has straight ahead and nor peripheral,….. that is until this week thanks to the terminator. I am developing some peripheral vision in my right eye!!!!!!

I have always been told that together, my eyes as a pair made just one good eye. Both eyes have lattice and macular degeneration, which causes holes in my vision, and constant floaters. In the past four days the floaters are not near as prominent.

Skin Cancer, Worms & Grey Hair – So far, I am seeing evidence of the terminator killing worms, and dark spots on my skin are not as dark today. My breathing is much easier now also. My grey hairs are not so prominent now either. We are also seeing evidence of a “SHRINKING” skin cancer on my back.

Sinuses – My sinuses cleared up with a “ping” and a “whoosh” right at the 20-minute mark the first time I wore the zapper.

Yeast Infections – Candida – the chronic yeast infections I’ve suffered from for over a decade are GONE!

Warts – I’ve had warts and skin tags just fall off – no scars, no pain, nothing!

Warts 2 – My son had a planter’s wart on his foot, we put the zapper on it for 2 nights and it was gone.

Reproductive System – best of all, my reproductive system is functioning normally again (for the first time in my life). My last period was only 3 pain free days (instead of the usual week of heavy clotting and cramps) and no PMS!

Acne – I have no more acne, zits, bumps, cysts, or sores of any kind, anywhere, any more! My face is clean and fresh looking (this is a BIG deal for me!)

Sleep – I sleep solid the whole night through. Ever since I’ve started wearing the zapper, I’ve experienced some very interesting dreams.

Food & Caffeine Craving – My food and caffeine cravings have disappeared.

Swollen Gums – My gums aren’t swollen or bleeding anymore. I have several crowns that I must be allergic to, but even the swelling and tenderness around those fake teeth have gone away.

Depression – After about a month of regularly using the Zapper for only an hour per day, I realized to my absolutely joyous surprise, that I felt great!! So light, relaxed, and serene. There was no heaviness, sluggishness, and “darkness” lingering in my body and mind. For the first time in nearly five years, I felt free as a person. I could wake up feeling light and peaceful, enjoy a whole day with perhaps just a few fleeting feelings of depression (old habits trying to come back, unsuccessfully I might add!), and then I could go to bed still feeling light and clear in my body and mind. I have been using the device for about six months and I can still report this same wonderful freedom within myself.

Spine and Back – My spine feels better than it has in years!!!! (I broke my back in 97 and was paralyzed for 7 mo. from the waist down, that sucked) well I have now thrown away all of their “medicine” and I feel great!!

These are simply a handful of testimonies regarding people’s results using this product.

Disclaimer:  We make no guarantees or claims regarding results, healing, cures, and the like. Do not use in water as this will damage and break the Basic Zapper.  This is not water proof.  The 9 volt battery is NOT included.  It’s recommended to use a 9 volt alkaline battery, but any 9 volt battery will work.

Birth Control – Biblical or Unbiblical?

Here’s an interesting discussion not mentioned too much on your typical Sunday service.

When does a child come to life officially?

What does God think about birth control?

When a baby is born, is that when it becomes a human life?

What is conception and how does that play a role in woman’s choice to kill the baby in her belly?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic of birthcontrol, what the Bible says about it or any other feedback you care to bring to the conversation. – If you haven’t seen this, rent or buy it today. Followers of Jesus are beginning to read the Word of God and obey it all over again. There’s a divergence and convergence taking place simultaneously in the body of Christ.

The Abortion Continuum – The link between Pornography to Birth-control to Abortion (baby killing).

Women have such a TREMENDOUS gift.  They alone have the ability to allow the human species to continue forward.  No man can accomplish such a feet on his best day.  Women will always be better than men at producing children, this isn’t to degrade men, it’s simply the truth.  Somehow, culture has (in some ways) lost sight of the beauty and strength women offer the world through child bearing.

I pray humanity will begin to celebrate the differences and roles both men and women play in society from a biblical perspective all over again.

[1Ti 2:15 NKJV] 15 Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control.

[Psa 127:3 NKJV] 3 Behold, children [are] a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb [is] a reward.