Monthly Archives: December 2014

Soul Eyes


The eyes tell the story. No matter who you are, where you are, what’s going on with you, your eye’s tell the story. Immediately in the unspoken silence, 1 glance is all it takes to know exactly what’s going on with any given situation.

It could be a peak from across the room, a picture, a passing in the hall way, a conversation with that stranger sitting next to you on the plane.

There’s no hiding the truth behind the eye balls. Your spirit does a billion little calculations – computing the situation of the unspoken and relaying back to your brain.

This ability to see can be a blessing and sometimes it can bring sorrow. It’s a blessing when everything is in right standing, God’s goodness and beyond..

It’s sorrowful when it’s clear there’s pain, strongholds of sin, and oppression from the pit of hell.

In all situations it ought to draw us to the King, to put our eye’s on Him. The One who has the ability to do something about it. We praise Him for the good in the soul and intercede for the pain in the soul.

When we meet people that wear sun glasses in doors or at night, we know there’s something a miss. When we meet someone with colored contacts against their normal eye color, we know they’re hiding from who they really are. There’s a wound in being whom God created them to be. This is not necessarily a conscious decision.

Shame is generally a root of a bigger pain that entered their life and they’re wanting to keep from being exposed. They feel as though everybody can see the shame they carry. Running from this shame is demonstrated by hiding behind glasses, sun glasses, or contacts. Now I’m not saying everybody with glasses is doing this because most people simply just need them.

Take the time today to find people in need or not, look into their soul without condemnation, guilt or shame.  Give Jesus your eyes and let Him look into someone else’s soul with His love, compassion and mercy.  People need to see your eyes of love.  Thank you.