Monthly Archives: February 2014

Conversation on Faith



Some things I’ve learned about the idea of “faith” lately.

Noah had radical faith to build an ark. Think about it, it NEVER rained before. A boat has never been needed before that I can tell based on Scripture. Nobody else on the planet got it. Noah was mocked and ridiculed by EVERYONE. The ark wasn’t built in a day but rather took decades to complete.

Faith is stupid. Yes, faith is stupid and foolish to the mind. Faith is an offense to the intellect. It makes no logical sense.

Skepticism, doubt and unbelief are all a part of the intellect. These are faith-less thoughts and attitudes. God’s shown me recently that I’ve had little faith. We reside far too often in the confines of the intellect, on the shores of skepticism, doubt and unbelief. The time has come to end such thinking and get into – crazy radical faith.

Repentance is beautiful. Faith is rising and the foolishness of God is becoming more and more my portion. My habitation. Thank you Jesus.

Hebrews 11 and Romans 4 are such wonderful passages describing and identifying what real true faith is demonstrated as.

The Holy Spirit is so kind. Holy Spirit is such a gracious and merciful communicator.

Let’s walk on water. Eye’s on Jesus.