Monthly Archives: November 2013

Christ Centered Relationship

You’ve got to listen to these messages. Beautifully rooted in the Word of God, thus the best marriage relationship can blossom from the water of the Word. Powerful and Encouraging for married’s and non married’s alike.

Learning all kinds of nuggets about what marriage really means. What marriage really demands and calls for; it’s an invitation to completely die to selfishness. It’s an invitation for male and female to become 1 flesh. An invitation to become a 4 legged, 4 armed, 2 headed creature. Heaven is filled with all kinds of interesting creatures and well, so is earth. I never thought about it this way until recently, but this is a physical reality of what you become and how much more in the spirit realm.

The Bible instructs men to take care of the woman as his own body, to be Jesus to your wife, no small challenge. Yet a worthy cause and effort to become like Him.

Jesus is Lord. May He be Lord of all our lives, relationships and beyond.