Monthly Archives: September 2013



There’s a micro and macro shift taking place right now. Everything we as individuals knew and know is changing. There’s nothing that can be done about it. Our paths will and are changing regardless of our agreement, desire for it even. Yet some will desire it and embrace it. Parts of me embrace it and parts of me fights it. God is good, trust that reality. After 7 years in Arizona wilderness, desert experience it seems my time has come to leave for green pastures.

I cannot begin to describe how radical of a transition into destiny this life is moving into at the moment. Dreams, desires, hopes and the purposes for which I’m created are yet again unraveling before my very eyes. What can I do about it? Worship the One who is worthy. I worship You Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Only You can do such miraculous things. Only You can open and shut doors. Only You have the keys. You are worthy! You are worthy! You are worthy! You are worthy!

Traveling from London to Plymouth via train I got to see the country side of England. It’s GREEN! All along the way were sheep grazing in green pastures. Personally I love to see sheep, let alone sheep in green pastures!!!! Wooooohooooo! As I put my earplugs in and listened to “Hillsong United – Relentless” I began to meditate on God’s love. Seeing for the first time a new how much God’s hand is upon my life. I’ve been blinded to that reality for a bit. Reflecting on the years gone by, I had such a sense of gratitude. My life in Christ Jesus is back flipping amazing! Thinking back to a visitation with Jesus in 2003, where He told me, “You’re in My business now.” It has not been boring! It’s been an adventure. The places I’ve been, the emotions, challenges, hurdles, it’s all worth it. He’s so good. Tears streamed down my face in the box car. I couldn’t hold them back. Without concern to what people might think profound worship took place in my heart, without spoken words, or outward exuberance. I encountered YHWH. He encountered me. He is with me. Priceless.

At dinner I realized the opportunity, challenge and possibilities for the future moving forward. The vision is massive, the opportunity endless and Jesus being glorified on a global scale. May it be.


God’s doing a work in all of our hearts. Even if we don’t see it He is moving us, molding us, sculpting our hearts a fresh. We can move with Him or resist, either way – we will get molded and sculpted. Agreement with Him is easier for us, not for Him. He will mold us without any additional effort regardless. Say Yes, to what Jesus has for you a new in this coming year. He loves you. No stiff neckedness. In Jesus name.


Let your soul be stirred to life in listening to this song …

Come out of the comfort, immorality, apathy and weak character. Let strength, courage and honor arise in the hearts of man.


The day Jesus will judge humanity is coming quickly! With fire in His eyes He’s coming for His spotless Bride!!