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The Glory of Marriage…


I’m going to begin posting useful links, information, etc. on the blog that I believe will be helpful to others.

Here is an email I sent to several friends and family members recently. Being that the information was so well received I’m going to post it here for any passer by. I hope this blesses you.

Here’s the email:


I’ve been on quite a journey over the last few years seeking God as to what “marriage” is all about. Recently, I was given the opportunity and privilege to perform a marriage ceremony. In my praying, studying and preparing for the message I came across these 3 messages/ministries on the topic of marriage. I’ve definitely been affected and grown quite a bit in my understanding as to what marriage is and what marriage isn’t.

Marriage seems to me as God’s most intimate way for humanity to experience, walk in and demonstrate LOVE. LOVE is the ULTIMATE challenge, not for the faint of heart and marriage is the most intense way that LOVE is refined in such a relentless ongoing way, moment to moment day to day. I’ve much respect for those you who have ventured down this radical road and journey of marriage. I cheer you on! Glory!

I felt compelled to share these messages, you may or may not be married or have interest. Perhaps one day these will be something of interest or maybe you know someone that would benefit from such messages you could forward this on to?

See Below:

The Glory of Marriage 8 part series:
Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Part 6.

Part 7.

Part 8.

Divorce and Remarriage – Sober Eye Opening Talk:

Marriage Immersion – Marriage Retreat with AMAZING Results (see the short video):
I’m not married of course but I have had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall for a “marriage immersion” and I’ve been to the individual “freedom immersion”powerful results!!!!! Radical Transformation!!!!

Being Wise and Great In God’s Eyes:
This has nothing to do with “marriage” but is a powerful message from Mike Bickle on being Wise and Great in God’s eyes, I encourage you to watch it to the end should you be led to do so.

Visit this link :

1) Scroll Down until you see the December 31, 2012 messages (make sure you are viewing “teachings” and not “worship”).

2) SELECT the message from Mike Bickle entitled, “Being Wise and Great in God’s Eyes”.

If you have any trouble finding it, let me know. For those of you who earnestly want to listen/view it, its run time is 56 minutes. If you set your heart to watch it, please commit to hearing the entire message.


I hope you’re blessed by this email. Please let me know of any thoughts, comments, insights, etc. you might have or care to share.

Blessings and Shalom,