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He is Leading …

10.2.12 – 1:15pm

It’s hard to believe a week has past since I’ve last blogged.  Days just seem to melt together and keeping track of days and times seems almost impossible.  There’s so much to write about and talk about.  Perhaps I will simply make bullet points and write according.

  • Monday night to Tuesday night was a wrap up of the prayer convocation 9/24-9/25/12, which was the Day of Atonement – Yom Kippur.  It’s the “holiest” day of the year for Jews.  It’s illegal for anyone to drive anywhere, buy, sell, etc.  People were throwing stones at cars that were driving the streets and the Police didn’t stop them because it’s illegal to be driving.  WOW!Being in Israel and seeing what takes place in this culture was special.  It’s sad they don’t see Y’shua (Jesus) as their true Messiah and Atonement.  Amongst the believers it was a day of repentance and searching of heart to bring areas of our lives to Jesus.  Some people fasted and others didn’t.  It’s the only day that Jews fast, as I’m aware.To close out the evening the nations came together for communion.  Some of the volunteers mentioned that this was one of the most impact-full parts of their time in Israel.
  • Heidi Bakercame and brought a message to reach the lost and to exalt Jesus.  She even said, “the lost won’t be coming here because they don’t have a badge.”  I was “security” for the convocation and actually had to stop her from entering because her assistants didn’t have badges.  She gave me a hug after her people got their badges.  Afterwords I looked into her eyes and there was an exchange that goes beyond words.  Truly the love of God is upon her life.  Nobody could come into the event hall without their badge.  I found myself stopping John Mulinde, Cindy Jacobs and several other speakers.  Heidi’s point was accurate, we must get out of the walls.Apparently, she ended up letting 6 Ethiopians stay in her room because the hotel was so over crowded they didn’t have places to sleep.  Word is that she pushed her bed to the side and slept on the floor with the rest of them.  Incredible!  Speaking of Ethiopians, the WORSHIP they brought to the conference was AMAZING!  I’m hoping to get their cd because it so filled with joy, jubilee and life.  You just want to dance, jump and/or laugh move!  Sooooooooo good!
  • Wednesday we packed up and left the hotel.
  • Thursday and Friday were free days where, Friday we went back to the Dead Sea.  At this point I’ve been hoping to recover from allergy/sinus congestion.  It’s been over a week that I’ve been battling this non-sense.  As I write this I know I’m getting better and strengthening.
  • Saturday was the closing night of the convocation in Caeserria in Nazareth.  This was a POWERFUL night.  The bus ride was about 2 hours from Jerusalem.  It was a good time to say good-bye to the other volunteers and exchange contact information.Once we arrived the clouds were filled over head with water.  Winds were blowing and it seemed rain was eminent.  As we gathered together to talk about our specific roles the heavens opened with rain.  A light shower of rain drops began to fall.  Being that it was so warm, the sprinkling of drops was a nice blessing.  It stopped almost as quickly as it began.  We gave thanks to God for the blessing of rain.My role again was “security/usher”.  This evening we had the blessing of 500-1200 holocaust survivors.  It was a blessing to help these precious elderly souls to know they way they should go.  Even though I could only say, “shalom” – “peace” I was blessed to help them find their way in this big coliseum/venue.  To think about what their eyes have seen was amazing.  A tragedy that happened so long ago, wasn’t so long ago.  There are so many survivors of WWII still alive!The program/evening was focused on them.  Pastors from around the world repented and asked the survivors for forgiveness.  Each survivor also received a white rose.  It was beautiful.  In spite of the challenges of putting such an event together, dealing with humanity, etc.  God was so pleased.

    How do I know He was pleased?  As soon as the fire works fired off to signify the end of the event, within 5-10 minutes rain began to fall again.  Light drops fell from Heaven and only for a moment.  People hustled onto their busses to go back to their hotel or airport.  We weren’t drenched with an intense down pour, but a refreshment on a warm evening night.  It was to me a sign from God Himself saying, “I see what you did and I’m pleased.”  If we repent, God will send rain.  We repented, gave honor and blessed.  God gave His blessing from Heaven.  He showed me how He truly is – The Alpha and Omega.  He sent rain early in the day and at the end of the day, signifying His presence, approval, and blessing.  INCREDIBLE!  ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!

  • Saying good-bye.  Sunday I was able to spend one last day with the group from Minnesota.  This group of young men and women truly blessed me and all the other volunteers at the convocation.  We went into the Old City – Jerusalem to get some food, buy gifts etc.  I simply went for the fellowship because they were so fun to hang out with.  They invited me to move to Minnesota on multiple occasions, which was so warm and kind.  Too bad the weather in Minnesota isn’t the same, snow…. burrrrrrrrrrrrrr. 🙂  They really showered me with so much love.  The trip would not have been the same without them.  I’m so thankful for them.
  • A new journey has started.  Juan, another volunteer from Spain and I have decided to travel around a bit together to go as the Spirit leads to pray, tell of the Way, worship etc.  Juan is a 6’6″ brother that speaks 5 languages or something.  Before I knew where I would end up after the convocation, it was in my heart to spend time at a 24/7 prayer house I found out about early upon my arrival.  Juan had a friend here from Germany that turns out lives right across the street from this specific prayer house.  It’s clear I’m suppose to be here and am being perfectly led by the Spirit.  Juan also wanted to spend much time in prayer for Israel and the nations.Yesterday was the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot.  The first and last days of this celebration are “sabbaths” and so we spent virtually the entire day at the prayer house.  As I was there the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I will be in Israel EXACTLY 40 days.  WOW!  I wrote this down in my journal and questioned the significance of this to the Lord.  The idea of Joshua and Caleb scouting out the Promise Land for 40 days came to mind and I wrote that out as well in my journal.  Then immediately after writing this down I opened my Bible to read the VERY CHAPTER in Numbers 13 where it mentions the two scouted the land out for 40 days!  Incredible!His hand is upon me in tremendous measure.  Doors in the physical and spiritual are opening for me in terrific ways.  I can’t go into specific detail but His presence is incredible even in-spite of challenges I’ve faced while being here.I must give glory to the KING of kings and LORD of lords – Jesus Christ of Nazareth – Yeshua the Messiah.  All praise unto Him!!!!  I’m super thankful.  Super blessed.
  • I’m getting better.
  • YHWH has provided a roof over my head for about a weeks time.
  • He’s leading me and I’m following.
  • International connections are coming together in amazing ways.
  • Full strength physically
  • The Lord continue to lead me by His Spirit and all the purposes for this trip be accomplished, in Y’shua’s name.
  • More Divine appointments come forth as are good and fitting for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you for reading this.  It’s helpful to write out different events here so that I can keep this as a journal to look back on down the road.  I hope you’re blessed and prospering in every way.

Perfect Love,