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On The Inside

9.23.12 – 12pm

In the blog posts and things I find myself updating about events and things going on etc.  As I reflect and take inventory of what’s taking place inside me there seems to be so much to consider.  Holy Spirit is continually encouraging me, refining me, speaking to me personally, through others and just being so good to me.  Jesus is such a great Friend, Brother, King, Master and LORD.  I can’t say enough about His faithfulness to me, not only in Israel but continuously in life. WOW!  Incredible.  He’s so IMPRESSIVE!  I am so impressed with this great God I know and serve.  He cares.  He really cares. He will fulfill every promise.  He has the victory.  He is completing the good work He’s begun in me, in you.

As some of you know I tend to have lots of questions.  Jesus says, “You have not because you ask not.”  So I asked Him to make me a GREAT “asker” the best possible asker I could be.  He has been faithful through His Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth.  Now I’m not saying I know everything.  He just gives me things to ask about, meditate on and inquire of – then He supplies answers.  Especially as I mix worship, prayer and praise into the mix it seems He uses all of life to bring forth His response.  As I listen to the speakers it seems as though each message is for me.  I can’t help but feel a little bad for all the people being subject to messages that God wants to talk with me about.  Now I’m partially kidding with you because I know it’s the Holy Spirit that uses the words to speak to the individual in a unique specific way.  He’s really bringing a refinement to me.

Miles Munroe spoke yesterday and brought some confirmation and alignment to some of my viewpoints.  He said that we as believers in Jesus Christ must go into all the “world” which means “systems” to bring the Light of Jesus Christ to each system for His glory.  We cannot run from the systems but bring His change….better stated, His Light to them.  I’ve resisted the idea of going into various systems as the case may be.  Now it seems I need to go in or start new systems as the case might be.

As I write I find it challenging to write as if nobody is reading this or to be a bit more prudent as to what I share.  At this point I will error on the side of prudence.

He’s confirming position in the body of Christ
Vision and Direction for the body of Christ
Vision and Direction for me personally, work, ministry, family etc.

Things are coming together nicely, praise the LIVING GOD!

Y’shua (Jesus’ Hebrew name) is true.  He is real.  He is good.  He speaks.  He listens.  He watches. He is faithful.

Inside of me, He is revealing my destiny.  He is revealing the purposes for which I am created. It’s great to be in the Promise Land.  (Side Note: It’s interesting that I can’t recall a place in the Bible that refers to this as the “Holy Land” though that term is used all over here but rather, it’s the “Promise Land”)

I’m so encouraged because in my time here it’s been one Divine appointment  or encounter after the next.  I love spending time with the body of Christ in Israel.  Seriously, please pray stay in a place of JOY when all of this is over.

There is a beautiful exchange taking place and I’ll never be the same.  Character Development continues….on the inside.

He is real. I tell you the Truth.


– Please pray my allergies/sinus’s get better.  My throat has mucous and I’m fighting the cough.

– Pray for strength as sleep has been minimal.

– Pray for a good attitude as it’s easy to be a jerk when you don’t feel terrific.


– All the visas came forth 900 or so and less than 50 were denied.

Much love!

It’s begun…

9.18.12 – 11.:28am

The convocation begun Sunday evening.  I am easily losing track of days and time.  There’s lots taking place.  Saturday was a full 26 hour day.  At 7pm I was asked to join a team to welcome the international delegates/conference attendees until about 8:30am.  Character development day, no doubt about it.  WoW!  I had to repent to the Lord for the things taking place in my heart afterwards.  It was good to see these things and take them to Him.  Fortunately I was quiet about these things as much as possible and simply let the Lord deal with me and I with Him.  “Die Quietly” as Graham Cooke has testified to.  Praise the Lord.

Yesterday was the Feast of Trumpets.  I was privileged to be an usher on the inside of the main hall and listen to a couple speakers.  One speaker was talking specifically about the Trumpet, referenced Revelation, Joshua and some other passages.  He spoke of the power and importance of the Shofar.  I was blessed by the message tremendously.  It is the one day of the year we are suppose to blow the Shofar/Trumpet.  They called anybody forward who had a Shofar.  I knew I had to go forward inspite of the fact I was ushering.  THIS IS WHY I CAME TO ISRAEL!  COME ON!  GOD ALLOWED ME TO BE THERE SO I HAD TO BLAST MY SHOFAR! 🙂

Primarily I’ve been serving as security/usher.  It’s been a great opportunity to meet so many people from around the globe.  I’ve received invitations to many countries – India, Kenya, Spain, Germany to name a few.  From time to time people come up to me and bless me with prophetic words/words of knowledge, prayer and testimony.  Divine appointments have been occuring left and right.  This morning I went to the restroom and to get a drink briefly to walk into the main hall to see Chinese and Japanese forgiving, reconciling and blessing one another, it was SOOOOO powerful.  I was crying at the beauty of such a moment.  Even now just thinking about it my eyes are tearing up.  I thanked God that He led me to go into the main hall at just that moment.  It was beautiful in every way.  This has been the highlight of the day so far, most definitely.


What’s going on inside of me?

I find myself coming back to life, back to freedom, back to the joy of the Lord.  It seems I’ve lost myself for a bit, not completely but the freedom to really laugh, love, experience joy and give is coming back again.  The community has been so strong and this is what I attribute to this revival.  People are embracing me in the love of Jesus and it’s so pure, clean and free.  I’m thankful for them and Him.  There are a couple brothers here that have similar hearts for the Lord, on fire, encouraging and filled with the Holy Ghost.  I’m thankful to be walking in so much joy again.  PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD!

Let there be LIFE and LIFE abundantly in you and me.  In Y’shua’s name!

Wailing Wall, Dome of the Rock, Work, Death and Jesus …

9.15.12 – 7:09am


Two days ago we walked from the Mt. of Olives to the Dome of the Rock, the Wailing Wall, and several other tourist sites.  I find it interesting to be standing, walking and being in places that so much history has taken place.  In listening to the guides, the speculation of whether this fact or that fact – “event” took place makes me wonder.  There seems to be so much debate over actual locations and events.  An example is that there are at least 3-4 “Upper Rooms” in Jerusalem.  In going to these places I see how much the outward doesn’t matter nearly as much as the inward.  At the Catholic Church building that’s so famous whose name is escaping me, there’s a lady that hangs out there regularly dressed in “gypsy” type clothing.  I saw her kissing the building in a “worship” kind of way.  It was rather bazaar.

In writing about this I’m now seeing how the “religous” spirit works in this place … in this land, the seduction of it.  There is so much religion there’s no time for Jesus.  In the Old City there was a shop selling “Crown of Thorns”.  There’s no time to enter His rest … at least these are my perceptions looking from the outside.

While we were on the walk Thursday morning we discovered that Sean Mark a French man on staff here went to the hospital in the middle of the night.  They said his feet turned yellow or something, they didn’t really know what occurred.  In the evening there was an announcement that he past away that morning.  It happened so suddenly, I was shocked and yet the atmosphere and the staff here kept working away as if nothing had taken place seemingly.  Sean Mark had a prayer slot from 12-2am every night.  One of the nights I joined him and prayed that he would find a wife and get married among other things and now he’s gone.  He was in his 50’s if I had to guess.  It turns out he died of a heart attack.  Our life truly is a vapor.

Friday we went to the Hotel at 5:30am where the Convocation is to begin prepping for the opening day – Sunday.  We started the day with worship and then began our various tasks in preparation for the 2000+ arrivals.  We worked like ants and the work got done quickly.  Victor Paul and myself along with a couple others BBQ the fish in the afternoon for the evening Shabbat Celebration.  There were about 120 of us altogether and there was enough food for all, praise God!  I got to sleep in the 9 o’clock hour and woke up at 6am.  Praise God!  I feel more refreshed today!  I even slept through the “call to prayer” that invades and penetrates the walls every morning at 5am.

Today we have more preparations for the convocation.  Worship starts in 2 minutes.


– Going to another Messianic 24/7 prayer house

– Riding around with Justin sharing our testimonies and going to the airport

– Una the lady who was a tour guide at the Rock of the Dome – she said something that God continues to speak to me about, that I’ve been apposing, unresponsive, disinterested in pursing.  At this point I’m going to surrender to the notion and let Him redefine the terms to His perspective rather than my own.  If you’re interested in the topic, email me or ask another time.

– Worship and Prayer with the others has been the best.  Holy Spirit’s pointed out that I need to open the Word more than I have to this point and speak it forth in this Land.  Don’t neglect the Word, especially in this place.

– I’ve been super blessed by the prayers and hearts of those around me.  The SAINTS….

– BBQ on the Mt of Olives to begin Shabbat

– Victor Paul – man of God from India who always tells me to “remember” him whenever we go anywhere.  You will see pictures of he and I in the future as I receive them from others.

If we ask anything in Jesus name it will be done for us……such a promise.

love, life is too short not to.

Holocaust Museum and Old Town Jerusalem

9.12.12 – 10:15pm

Long days, short nights … good times.

Yesterday we went to the Holocaust Museum and the actual name of the museum is escaping me right now.  The museum was done very very very well.  As we were going through a Prime Minister came through with all kinds of news coverage.  I spoke with one of the camera operators and they filled me in a bit on it.  It was an interesting group with all kinds of security involved.  Also several of the IDF – Israel Defense Forces came through as what seemed to be part of the training program.  A bunch of 18 year olds learning about their heritage as it pertained to the holocaust.  I saw some crying at times while others seemed dis-interested.  You could literally spend an entire day in the museum and not hear every piece of information they have to offer.  I personally couldn’t help but feel that this event is some what a prophetic statement of what’s to come in the future for those who call on the name of the LORD.  There was even one particular scene that had a quote along the lines of, ” … with the number tattooed on my arm I couldn’t eat soup or bread…”  I thought about how we won’t be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast.

What impressed me most about this museum and the Jews is the fact that “genocide” type atmospheres are at work on a daily basis in the earth.  One example that comes to mind are the Native Americans, they’ve all but just about been wiped out completely and live in a chronic state of great depression status.  The Jews are such a unique community on the earth, they are the only people group capable (in my estimation) to be able to bounce back from such a tremendous blow as the holocaust.  They’ve come together to remember those who had been killed, kept the testimony and build on what they have.  They are a people of record keeping, name keeping and history shaping.

We also went to the Old City of Jerusalem and went on a guided tour.  I found the tour challenging because the guide was clearly following a script that was rather intentional about what to say or not say.  Some of the stuff spoken about just wasn’t true.  I’m thankful for the exporation part of the tour, yet would have appreciated more truthful answers regarding what history really reveals….or I could have just been wiped out from all the walking??

The fellowship was definitely the highlight of the excursion.  I’ve really been SUPER blessed by my new friends.  They’ve all blessed me in unique ways to the individual.  The people have been the treasure of the trip because of the presence of the Lord on and in them, such a sweet fragrance.

I must sleep.  Last night I had to pick up a guy from the Phillipines at 3am and never made it back to sleep.  I’m wiped out….more soon.


Living the Moment …

9.10.12 – 11:56am

Much of the time has been getting to know the other volunteers, worship, prayer, chores, meetings and meals.  Spending time with the others has been so refreshing.  Meeting with the Saints from around the globe is such a privilege.  You get such a tremendous sense of passionate hearts for the same King.  The unity and family feel to it all is so special.


It seems that the Lord is working “LIVING IN THE MOMENT” into my reality.  Whatever is in front of me the challenge is to surrender fully to it.  Whether it’s worship time, prayer, working or community time, I find the Holy Spirit drawing my attention to what’s before me.  Focusing directly on what is at hand, doing it with a glad, happy heart.  Distractions and disconnectedness seem to be falling off more and more.  Single focused attention is growing, with no mind for outside distraction.  I’m not where I would like to be or where the vision for the attention is suppose to be.  However, it is nice to feel and sense that in the moment I’m giving more of myself to it.  An intentional push towards what is now – letting go of the future and past.  The moment is where LIFE is taking place.  I want to live where LIFE is taking place, leaving the unknown possibilities, fantacies and distraction with lion who comes to steal, kill and destroy.  I want NO tolerance for those elements in this life.

Living the Moment – is freedom.

Living the Moment – is life giving.

Living the Moment – is shalom.

Living the Moment – removes anxiety.

Living the Moment – is victory.

Living the Moment – is gratitude.

Living the Moment – is giving.

Living the Moment – is love.

Living the Moment – is reality.

Living the Moment – locks Satan out (in certain ways).

Living the Moment – is productive.

Living the Moment – is rest.

Living the Moment – is of God.

What is taking place in me?  Why am I talking like this or writing like this?

God is doing a deeper work in me.  Somehow giving over all of me to worship, praise and prayer is granting the Holy Spirit tremendous access to the doors of my heart that have been closed for too long.  He’s brought me to a place where I’m positioned to give Y’shua (Jesus Christ)  all my worship, all my heart, all my strength, all my mind.  The more I abandon myself to the things of God the greater the fruit being released from this life.  I can’t explain it in a way that I would want to so I will refrain in attempting to give examples of what I’m seeing Him do from within me.  What I can say is good doors of my heart are opening and the release of Heaven is flowing out deep from within.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is over-shadowing this flesh in a greater and greater propensity.  Praise the Lord!  There are moments I find myself watching the Holy Spirit working in me and in the people around me.  It’s a front row seat to what he is doing in relationship to those I interact with and have exchange with.

The reality of “The Holy of Holies” is happening.  As He leads me to walk away from the world, to be unspotted by the things of the world as James talks about, I sense life looking more like what Heaven will look like to the individual.  Small glimpses mind you but glimpses none the less.  It seems I’ve come so far from the days of elementary school where prayer and worship seemed so so so so so boring.  The direction He’s envisioning me with is to live in Heaven’s reality hopefully constantly to release it here on earth.  To be a living, breathing, walking, talking – ark of the covenant.

To come to such a place I must remove and cut out that which compromises “holiness”.  This is no easy task due to the fact Satan is continually bombarding us with temptation, distraction and coming to steal.

Made it to the Mount of Olives!

I made it!  After traveling about 8000 miles I’ve arrived to the Jerusalem House of Prayer. People from around the globe are volunteering for this prayer gathering.  Immediately they took me in, fed me and showed me to my sleeping accommodations.

I’ve such a growing love and appreciation for the beauty of the Bride of Christ.  Total strangers embracing me and caring for me as family.  Wow.  Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

It’s a little aver 9pm and I’m going to go get some rest after what seems like a sleepless 24-36 hours or so.  I even got a chance to call my Mom and Dad with my WIFI phone service!  It sounded like I was talking with them as if they were right down the street. Another modern day miracle perhaps? 🙂

The only challenge at this point seems to be the fact that the power outlets are not compatible with our USA plugs.  So this could be my last update in some time if I don’t get access to electricity soon.  Pray that an adapter appears and I will be able to further communicate and share pictures, etc.

Israel is so similar to the southern California climate it’s amazing!  Hills, temperatures, colors, plant life etc.  It’s a nice reprieve from the Arizona 105-110 temperatures.

Time for sleep.  Blessings from Israel! 🙂